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Winner: Best Cinematography |  Moraine Valley Community College Film Selection 2012

Winner: Audience Choice Award | Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Festival Official Selection 2017 | To those with Good Intent

DC Black Film Festival Official Selection 2017 |  To those with Good Intent

Black International Film Festival Official Selection 2017 |  To those with Good Intent

Montreal International Black Film Festival Official Selection 2017 |  To those with Good Intent


A native of the south side of Chicago’s Chatham community and Princton Park, Harvey Pullings, Jr (born Feb. 14th, 1986) is an independent filmmaker, photographer and writer.

A graduate of Columbia College Chicago, and Moraine Valley Community College, Pullings’ work is heavily inspired by 70s Soul, Hip-Hop, and local perspectives of the “common man’s turmoil.” The ability to get into trouble, despite trying to find ways to do the right thing, and the search for relief from turbulent realities.

Pullings grew up in a household of film lovers and religious, blue collar workers. A middle class upbringing that made his perspective of inner city life seen as humble and warm, with obstacles that are inherit to the progression of people of color in America.

His family religiously enjoyed a variety of eras of cinema and TV; the golden era of Hollywood to the 2000s Blockbuster era, as well as the progressive subject matter of TV programming. All this including a diverse upbringing of music and cultures, greatly effected Pullings’ interest in both art and society.

Having originally entered college to major in Advertising, he soon changed his studies to film as a career concentration, focusing on directing and genre studies. This also led to Harvey becoming interested in sociology and semiotics, ultimately leading him to photographing urban life and the conditions of inner city Chicago.

While attending Columbia, Harvey interned for the Chicago division of Allied Integrated Marketing, where he assisted in regional marketing, skewed marketing and promotion of films and TV for studios: A24, Universal Studios, Disney, ABC and NBC. He would also assist in Q&A photography for special screening events and studio reports, capturing images of Alex Garland, Eddie Redmayne and others. During this time, Pullings also shot concert photography of hip-hop artists Curren$y, Mobb Deep and Joe Budden, during their stops in the Chicagoland area, as well as the Suicide Girls’ Blackheart Burlesque show.

His final internship came as an Extras Casting Assistant, for the controversial Spike Lee joint,
Chiraq. An experience that Pullings credited as “The boost of confidence and moment of clarity I needed while pursuing this industry.” His first major film project, To those with Good Intent, was accepted into four festivals, domestically and internationally. He released a photography book, Across this Land, featuring images of the unromanticized elements of Chicago’s sprawling

In his past time, Harvey is an avid fan of pro wrestling, comic books and video games, as well as literature, world religions, photography and vintage American imagery and advertising.

Career Goal: Directing commericial level and indie level films, as well as producing and developing content for both music, podcast and cinema.

Artists/Creators: Gordon Parks, Edward Hopper, Nicolas Winding Refn, Spike Lee, John Carnahan, Nas, and Marvin Gaye.

Brands: Target, Sony Entertainment Interactive, A24 Film studios, Mountain Dew, Nike, UFC

Favorite Album(s): Nas | Illmatic, Marvin Gaye | What's Going On & Here, My Dear, Pink Floyd | Wish You were Here, Sevendust | Seasons, Linkin Park | Entire Catalog, (Too many list)

Favorite Book: Child of God & No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy  

Favorite Movie: Saturday Night Fever

Favorite Ad Campaigns(s): Sony Playstation Ad campaigns of the 1990s. The brand was in a league of it's own. The positioning of the system titles and just the overall brand personality was such a reflection of the decade, and it really holds a special place in my hear. After that, The Dark Knight trailer and mechandising tie ins. Never had there been a Batman movie that buzzed and broad in reach. It was on TV, buses, magazines and every other form of media you could imagine. Fantastic cross promotions and branding.

Favorite Spors Team: Chicago Bulls