Children of the Concrete Father

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  • Children of the Concrete Father

    A pseudo sequel to his first photobook, Across This Land, Indie filmmaker and photographer Harvey Pullings, II revisits Chicago's Inner city with Children of the Concrete Father. Focusing on candid and more personal compositions, Pullings showcases the Chatham area of the Chicago southside, in a saturated color palette, as well as Black & White, capturing the atmosphere of the inner city with a quiet, intimacy. A continued aesthetic which Pullings embraces, to create a counter element to the one side presentation of Black communities within the city. At 118 pages, Concrete Father features photography and a brief look at Pullings' short film, To those with Good Intent. His first film project and winner of the Audience Choice Award at the 2017 Chicago International Reel Shorts Film Festival. This collection of work represents Pullings' growth in aesthetic and presentation. A exploration in more intimate portrayals of subjects, and the use of saturated color schemes to capture Chicago in a vibrant, but dull reality.