Dre Beats Campaign

Assignment: Backpack Item Campaign

Objective: Create an advertising campaign based on an item found in a book bag. Headphones were used and we decided to sway the headphones in the direction of Beats by Dr. Dre. A reputable brand of audio technology amongst millennials.

Role: Art Director

I went with Dre Beats Headphones as a client selection for this campaign because of the ways the versatility of the brand. At the time of this posting, I am planning to add film oriented visuals to the campaign. Amongst millennials, Beats is popular for it's seemingly "customizable" appearance of colored headphones (multitude of headphone styles for commercial and professional use). The opportunity to use color in the ads, along with a vast selection of varying artist lends itself to both unique positioning and a visually striking approach for ads.

The headline vary according to the artist, with content being pulled from actual quotes, paraphrasing statements or developing copy that reflects the brand and the respected artist. 

The tagline for the campaign is #heareverything