Equal Pay Day Chicago - 2016

Assignment: Equal Pay Day 2016 event campaign

Objective: Our class was visited by Creative Director, Wendy Lalli and given the assignment to create millennial focused campaign for this year's EPD event. The idea was to create awareness and discussion for the issues of equal pay for women in the work place.

Role: Art Director

I developed this advertising campaign as a concept to have legs across various channels of communication. These were designed for the 2016 Equal Pay Day event at Daley Plaza. 

Since Equal and fair pay for women is an age old issue in our society, I wanted to use the imagery of women in the work place from the past and involved in more physical fields to establish a sense of strength amongst women. The black and white aesthetic was meant to express the issue through the lens of time. I created the Wonder Woman ad as a complimentary ad for Wendy Lalli and my instructor, using the character as an established symbol of female strength and justice (tied to this campaign's theme)

The headlines were created according to the images of the women and their actions, but the taglines for the campaign was #paywomenright.