A Dance of Three - Short

Title:    A Dance of Three

A film I shot December 4th, 2015, A dance of Three was a course assignment that was a collaboration between myself and an amazing team, including Cinematographers Nathaniel Bunce and Richard Song. I originally wrote and developed the film as an experimental, silent short, UNOFFICIALLY featuring the music of witch house/chillwave artist, oOoOO and recording artist, Gallant. I'm a big fan of horror films that rely on atmosphere and tone, and while I do not aim to be a craftsman in that genre alone, my preference for filmmaking is more so reliant on tone and visuals, and not the amount of blood and gore that's presented. I enjoy playing with human emotion, vulnerability and lonesomeness, atop of fear and man-made concerns.


I ended up developing the story into a more coherent narrative, but nonetheless a silent film with mood and action being the driving elements of the film. My lead, Brooke Sheehy was actually my second choice for the part after a scheduling conflict caused me to re-cast my original actress. She ended up fitting the role of the young woman far better than I had expected or could have ever asked for.

The film is the first project I had such contribution, collaboration and creative input on, as an actual product that I consider a representation of my brand of filmmaking. 


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Movie posters designed by Harvey Pullings, II

(the fim in no way will be used for festival play, distribution or commericial use. It is essentially a course assignment, used to show my building talents as a filmmaker. I do not own any of the music of artists oOoOO or Gallant, featured in this short film. All music belongs to the artists and their respected labels.)