Across This Land


  • Across this Land | Harvey Pullings, II

    A 94 - page visual collection of Chicago’s seemingly forgotten humanity, hidden beneath the negative coverage and presentation of the city’s inherit turbulence and social conflicts. Across this Land was conceived by independent filmmaker and photographer, Harvey Pullings, Jr, during extensive periods of traveling and roaming Chicago’s various areas. The photos capture life in a raw and candid format, where life exists through actuality and not filters of discretion. The book spans across Chicago’s South side (Chatham, Kenwood, etc.), Northside (Rogers Park, Lakeview, etc.) and Downtown areas (West Loop, South Loop, etc.), highlighting urban life and existence within these respective areas. Each photograph taken by Pullings, inspired by the works of Gordon Parks, Roy DeCarava, Marvin Gaye and Edward Hopper, chooses to showcase a lonesome, cinematic atmosphere amidst a black and white aesthetic. Across this Land is a visual conversation about the vulnerabilities of the city, hidden in our plain sight. Available August 22nd, 2017 on AMAZON