Red Howard's Ale - Chicago Beer

Assignment: Mock Chicago based beer

Objective: Creating a campaign for a Chicago brewed beer, postioned to catch the attention of new Chicagoans.

Role: Art Director 

We wanted to develop a campaign that could speak for the city's character, and not just have a beer with the Chicago name on it. The name Red Howard, is derived from two major elements of Chicago's transportion system. Red is based on the Red Line L Service, and Howard, which is the last stop on the Red Line. The idenity of the beer is based on Chicago's blue collar roots and the heavy construction work culture of the city.

A few of the other ads are based on baseball season, as the Cubs are now a quality team. The tagline #endthedrought is meant to support the Cubs in breaking their World Series drought, as well as encourage beer drinkers to fill their glasses.