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  • The Statement | Issue 1

    The first issue of The Statement, rings in the new year with a feature story on Kanye West and Chance the Rapper's effect on hip-hop and the rise of the contemporary Black male. Also, a brief photo essay on the conditions of the south side of Chicago, Currensy, and more!
  • The Statement | Issue 2

    BRAND NEW FORMAT! This month's feature story covers the connection between the turbulent structure of Blaxploitation, and its impact on Hip-Hop. Also, a look at the current WWE NXT model, and it's company's successors. The damage it's doing to the company and the promotions outside of their brand. A small discussion on Film Criticism, Uptown Saturday Night, and more!
  • The Statement | Issue 3

    This month's feature story looks at the influential and groundbreaking Blade franchise, starring Wesley Snipes. Also, The Walking Dead, mainstream audience sensibilities and more.
  • The Statement | The Hip-Hop 10

    The first ever HH10 issue covers the best hip-hop albums of 2016. What material stood out, what artists shined bright and what album made Album of the year.
  • The Statement | Issue 0| Rocky 40th Anniversary

    Released 40 years ago, Rocky fought his way into the hearts of the American pop culture scene and established a cinematic legacy that is revered decades later. This special commemorative covers the original film, it's sequels, the recent spinoff (Creed) and several discussions regarding the franchise's legacy. Celebrate the award winning American film classic that has long been beloved by generations